Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Acadian Historic Village...

...Van Buren, Maine..people from France settled in Acadia, now Nova Scotia, long ago,
they were evicted by the British and scattered across North America, some of them had to go...
...to Saint David, Maine in 1785, where the first French-speaking settlement took shape,
it has been recreated now in the village we see here, all I could do was gape.

The houses were moved from all over the place,
and carefully restored, it was not a race;
what we see today, is as it was then,
right down to the cattle, and the old mother hen.

The  La Route Culterelle de la Valle St-Jean, or, The Saint John Valley Scenic Byway starts here.
Top: A restored house, overlooking the river
Middle: One of the houses - it has been restored now.
Bottom: The Village as it is today.

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