Monday, September 6, 2010


....Maine, birthplace and childhood home of Ol' Larry,
since it's him, I let him have the story to carry.
"This place is so different now, the town has grown so much,
not many people that I know, I knew neighbors, dogs and such.

"There are three times more people now, and a lot of new homes,
where there was one now there are three, and a dog no longer roams;
a lot changes in seventy years, from 1940 'til now,
and growth happens here too, it's not a sacred cow.

"I still remember summers, filled with work and play,
weed the garden, bring in wood, and waste away the day,
the wood box was filled the season didn't matter,
mother cooked on the wood stove, always food on the platter.

"School was in one room for grades one thru four,
then upstairs another room, were the other four;
school was a miserable place, except at recess time,
then things were different, the fault, of course, was mine."
Top: Thanks to the Town of Lebanon, new Town Office noted.
Middle: Ol' Larry with big brother Lysle, about 1943, or Spring of '44.
Bottom: Little River Grist Mill, lots of fishing and ice skating here.

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