Thursday, September 23, 2010


....Maine, home to the Lumberman's Museum,
and one time home to NBA floors, you should see 'em;
maple flooring from Patten was on every NBA floor,
add high schools and colleges, and there's even more.

The Museum is well known, home to the Lombard Engine too,
you can see how they worked in the woods, educational for you;
and the North Portal to Baxter State Park is next up the road,
and the hill where the top photo was taken, could shift a load.
Top: Patten from the "hill".
Middle: A Lombard Hauler, it would pull skids of logs in a 'train like' fashion, making
              it faster than teams of horses or oxen.
Bottom: Mount Katahdin in a different view, from the North Portal of Baxter State Park.

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