Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fort Fairfield....

....Maine, on of the towns that smell like a french fry,
growing potatoes is old hat, they taste good on the first try;
this is one place where they're grown and cooked,
follow you nose, it's the first place you looked.

That photo up on top, has some steam just above the crop,
that's the fry plant, over in town, one more reason for you to stop;
The Potato Blossom Festival every year, draws lots of people from far and near,
they'll crown a Queen and have lots of fun, don't you wish you could've been here.

Top: Working the field.  Maine potatoes are mostly fryers or chippers.
Middle (1): The "cream of the crop".
Middle (2): one storm winter 2008.
Bottom: Fields at rest.

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