Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Maine...once billed as "The Biggest Town in Maine",
now the mills are empty...and gone is that fame.
It's taken sixty years, but the town is coming back,
the large building will be refurbished, without a lot of flack.
Ol Larry's dad worked in these mills, after World War Two,
until they closed, and empty, then what would he do,
they moved to Ohio, where he worked for Palm Beach,
the cloth that had been made in Sanford, had quite a reach.

After three years, when Larry finished high school, then they came home,
and Ol Larry joined the Navy, for ever more to roam.
So that's the story, sad as it might be,
but the time is finally coming, Sanford will be.
Top: A strip of windows in the mill.
Middle: An aerial view of the mills, in 1930.  At that time the largest in the world.
Bottom: The old Sanford High School, Ol Larry's Freshman year was here.

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