Thursday, August 26, 2010

Galilee, Jerusalem and Port Judith...

....Rhode Island, three places in one, they're all the same,
different parts of the port have a different name;
just like in the Bible, the is a fisherman's port,
and the Block Island Ferry runs, and fishing is a sport.

Many fish are landed, on the commercial side,
while people board the ferries, for some a long ride;
We chose this place just for the names too,
places we always wanted to see, but were unable to.
Top: Obvious, isn't it?
Middle: The Port of Galilee, part of the fishing fleet.
Bottom: Point Judith Light by the light of the silvery moon

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  1. Can you tell me who took the photograph of fishing boats at the dock? I thought it was someone who was a professional photographer of the North east, but I can't find his site now. Do you know his name or have an address of where you got the photo?
    Fort Wayne, IN