Wednesday, August 25, 2010

West Warwick....

Old and new Natick Bridge
...Rhode Island, here's a town with history, old and new,
saved from the flood, in 2010, when it promised no view...
...of the promise it's provided; I especially like the mills,
they've been remodeled into some lofts, you may get the chills.

So if you get a chance, please just wander in,
Jerico is gone, but Arctic's standing now amid the din,
take the time to visit in Natick, see the mill,
why not do it now?  If you don't, you never will.

These are the mills where Fruit of the Loom was born,
just cotton used, so no sheep were shorn,
the undies started here in 1850, whew!
You should have seen them then, when they were band new.

One of the mills, this one is redone, nicely.

What it used to be like.....

what it's like now!

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