Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saint Albans...

....Vermont, where the residents, are no longer afraid,
now celebrate what has become known as the raid.
It started in 1864, and some escaped Confederate Prisoners of War,
twenty-one rebel men gathered in town, they were going to even the score.

All at once they went to three banks,
robbed them all, and got no thanks;
They held the citizens prisoner, and the horses they stole,
in the movies were others who played the role.

This was the most northern "battle" of the Civil War,
played out right here in Vermont, and people saw;
history played out, way back in the past,
and it's important to all that the memory last.
Top: On the edge of town.
Middle: A Civil War era newspaper illustration of The Raid. (One citizen was killed in the action)
Bottom: Downtown Saint Albans.

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