Sunday, August 22, 2010


...Massachusetts, somewhere between the Nipmuk and Mohegan tribes,
runs the Quinebaug River, now sits the Town or Southbridge, which divides...
...the former territory of the Natives of history,
the Tribes were long ago, 10,000 years, in this story.

Those tribes disappeared all those years ago,
now the memory remains, about the campfire glow;
history past into time present, the Town continues on,
forward to more history, each and every dawn.
Top: Main Street, at night
Middle: The Flatiron building, there were a lot of photos, so I picked them all.
Bottom: The Ipswich Road Bridge, there is a dam nearby (no photo).
NOTE:  There are many towns all around the country that there really isn't much, for a stranger,
to write about.  That's the reason today's verses are so odd.

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