Friday, August 13, 2010


....Vermont, the town with a view,
and that's not all, with the old and the new;
for the old it's the Shelburne Museum, it's the latest of late,
and for the new it's Vermont Teddy Bear, that's great.

The Museum has collections of most every sort,
lighthouses, ships, textiles and paintings, well they have a lot,
teddy bears, as everyone knows, soft and cuddly, a nice nose;
and a little league team that plays real well, leaves Shelburne one big rose.
Top: A section of Central Shelburne
Middle: The Ferry Ticonderoga, the Creighton Reef Lighthouse in the background, from the Shelburne     Museum.
Bottom: Part of the Museum is in this restored 1904 Vermont Round Barn.

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