Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shelburne Farms.... Vermont, just one place in a town,
where you'll never see a frown,
built by Dr. Webb, now non-profit Historical Site,
what a place this is, it a pure and simple delight.

Now an inn and restaurant made to fund the farm,
staying and eating here will surely cause no harm;
Brown Swiss cows, sheep and hens all produce the food,
and the view of Lake Champlain causes no one to brood.
Top: The barn exterior and a pasture.
Middle(1): The farmhouse, now an inn.
Middle(2): The barn interior.
Bottom: The farmhouse with a view of Lake Champlain.
NOTES: Dr. Webb and his wife Eliza Vanderbilt Webb built the farm purely as an example, it
became their summer home, and Mrs. Webb's family the Vanderbilt's ofter stayed here.  The Inn
uses the same rooms and they are beautiful, to say the least.  Please go and look up Shelburne
Farms on the web to learn more, or just Google the farm to see more images, I didn't do this
place justice.

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