Monday, May 23, 2011


As an example a knitting pattern (above), it's also the name of a Town in Maine, near where we live.  So, you may ask, what do they have in common?  Well, Argyle, the town, is home to a small farm whose crop it fiber.  Fiber that is spun into yarn.  They raise sheep and Pygora goats, both of which can be sheared for their wool, spun into yarn and knitted into various patterns, some of which could possibly be argyle.
  Like any other kind of farm it's a lot of work, caring for the animals and planting and harvesting hay and/or other grains for the critters, and a garden for the family.
One of the prize Pygora Goats, a really different coat.
One of the does, a pretty girl
The product, Yarn

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