Monday, May 30, 2011

Christmas Wreaths...

A wreath workshop
...believe it or not are a big part of the Maine economy.  There are two large companies and a lot of small operations.  It starts with "tippers" men and women who go tipping are people who take the ends or tips of brances from evergreen trees.  Careful works means not much damage is done to the tree.  It takes maybe a dozen, or more, tips to make a wreath.  Wreaths are assembeled by wireing the tips to a wire frame, then decorations may be added, pine cones, ribbons or berries. 
  Many wreaths are sold in roadside stands, one factory supplies L L Bean, and Worcester Wreath sells a lot the the mail or internet.  That company, Worcester, also supplies and operates Wreaths Across America which decorates Arlington National Cemetary.  Worcester makes and trucks the wreaths, and they are placed by volunteers from many towns and cities, it's a wonderful gesture.
Wreaths at Arlington - click

The finishing touch

Worcester Wreath


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