Friday, May 20, 2011

A new direction...

...since Pete has been most states and provinces you can travel by car; he will stay closer to home.  We'll start with a look at the variety of agriculture in Maine; there are almost more types of "crops" than there are farms.
                                            Backyard Farms, Madison Maine
The farm is in the 27 acre greenhouse, the two "green" areas behind (or adjacent) are fresh water and waste water treatment.
Backyard Farms grows tomatoes, not for canning but to eat fresh, they are sold all over New England.  A second greenhouse is under construction that will double the size of the "farm".  Tomatoes all year round, nice fresh ones, are no longer a dream. 
  The plants are grown with hydroponics - growing plants in water; in a regular garden the dirt just holds up the plants, nourishment always comes from the water, and plant food or chemicals added that are water soluble.  There are bee hives throughout the greenhouse - to do the bee stuff that pollinates the blossoms.  About 200 people work planting, caring for or harvesting those nice tomatoes.
Long rows of plants, these are bearing fruit, while some have just been planted.
On the outside looking in.  All of those lights are on 24 hours a day.  Madison was selected because the town has it's own Electric Company, and the rates are much lower.

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