Thursday, May 26, 2011

Christmas trees were Balsam Fir..

...with natures' decoration
...and the tree of choice at our house when I was a kid.  Today it's not as easy, there are so many choices and so many ways to get a tree.  Most people can't just walk into the woods and cut one, so there are trees for sale, and there are a whole host of ways to buy a tree.  You can buy one at a corner lot run by a vendor for profit, you can cross the street to another lot where trees are sold to raise money for a charity.  A lot of people like to go to a tree farm and cut their own. 
  Whatever choice you make, most people's trees come from a Christmas tree farm, Maine has many tree farms, some of them raise Christmas Trees.  A typical farm in Maine plants Balsam Fir or Spruce, but if you look around you may find Scotch Pine.  Trees and types, or varieties, of tree vary from place to place, but whatever the choice, somewhere there is a farm to supply it.
These seedlings are about a foot tall.
Carefully trimmed and shaped, these are ready.
A visit to the tree farm for a Pick Your Own.

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