Sunday, May 15, 2011

Milo & Derby (Milo Junction)

Back in the day - the Bangor & Aroostook Railroad
...Maine, once one of the largest rail workshops in the state,
but, sadly, the day came when the trains met their fate;
times are uncertain now, and there's not so much freight,
but back in the day, trains more than pulled their weight.

South Portland's Rigby yards, and Derby's were king,
twenty-four hours a day you could hear those hammers ring,
the shops are much smaller now, and Milo is too,
but if you get the chance to visit Milo - please do.
Derby in the beginning-click to see "company houses"(top left)
Milo burning.  Several years ago much of downtown was lost, has not been rebuilt.
The Sebec River.  Milo is known as the Three Rivers town, the Sebec and Pleasant Rivers
join the Piscataquis in Milo

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