Friday, May 27, 2011


A little variety
  Seafood is Maine to some people, and it provides a living for many.  There isn't, yet, a way to farm lobster, Maines' most famous seafood, but believe me it's being developed.  Right now, the products in that header make up the successfully farmed seafood.
  It started with salmon, it was being farmed overseas, mostly in Norway, and researchers got held from there.  Most of the Salmon farming is done in Cobscook Bay and near Eastport.  Oyster and Mussel farming got a start soon after, those are grown on ropes since they don't swim.
  These farms are all protected and use net fences to keep them where they belong, just like livestock on a farm on land, they just look different.  The University of Maine and some private companies are now working on a way to farm Cod, then it's on the Halibut, two very popular fish which could use a little help since natural sources have been over-fished in the past.

Mussels on a rope in Blue Hill Bay

Salmon pens near Eastport

Experiments with Cod farming

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