Sunday, May 22, 2011

When you plant....

Johnnys Select Seeds - click
...a garden, or a crop, you need seeds.  Many people who garden in the cooler parts of the country buy Johnnys Select Seeds from Albion Maine.  This is a Company with terrific growth, from two employees a few years ago to over two-hundred people now.  They not only produce seeds, but try to improve on varieties of plants, or even come up with entirely new varieties - that sells seeds!
  Growing plants for seed is like growing them to eat, or to look at - your harvest is just different, and a lot more time consuming.  Some employees plant and care for the plants, while others take and prepare orders for shipment, it's a busy place.  Acres of gardens, greenhouses and a huge warehouse.
Test Beds, trying out new or improved varieties - click
The Research Farm - click
A "human bee" pollinates squash in a test bed. - click

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