Thursday, June 9, 2011

The checks in the mail...

Whatever it takes to receive the "check" all you need is a mailbox.  We don't have a mailbox, there are none here in the little set of buildings we live in, but the post office is just across the road, so we have a P O Box.
  Some people just put up plain old black or silver mailboxes on a wooden post.  That isn't pleasing to some more inventive people, with some art skills too I guess.  So what I have here is a mere sample of the photos on Google Image, but they're different enough to sort of stand out.  The mannequin, headless, is all one person needed for a start.  We also have a boathouse, a bicycle rider and a little grass shack.
If you receive your mail by boat.
"A little grass shack in Hawaii" , that's not in Hawaii (just the song)

Just put it where the sun don't shine

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