Friday, June 17, 2011

A note from Pete (hint: it's a goodbye)

Tehachapi Pete and a lady friend about 30 years ago in formal dress
Old Tehachapi is old and tired,
so like the old handyman, he went and retired;
but before he goes, he'll take time to say,
thanks for stoppin' by, have a nice day.

It's been a long hard road,
and he's under the strain of the too heavy load,
he's just got so old, he can't do it no more,
so, please show old Tehachapi to your door.

Say goodbye, you can drop him a line,
right in that comment box, you don't need to sign,
he'll enjoy the read, he's fond of you all,
and, well, he ain't got no number that you can call.

He'll put away the old '48 Ford,
find a good chair, and try not to get bored,
he'll remember you often, up there in his mind,
thanks to you all. You've been mighty kind!

This is post number 682, you can still keep in touch by going to but I'm guess you already know that.  Tehachapi has been around since 1982 (not online), he's had a great run.  I "invented" Pete for my daughter back then, she wanted some letters.  Now, she's going to be a "Grandma" herself.  I've enjoyed my being a "cyber hobo" and the "trips" helped satisfy my wanderlust.
Thanks for stopping by day by day.  Larry


  1. I'm so sorry, you've said goodbye Larry. I've just found you. My daughter and I are planning on jumping from the west to the east coast to pursue a more rural lifestyle. We're Canadians, but Maine looks brilliant. Thank you for your wonderful posts. I am enjoying reading my way through and learning about things I never knew.~Charra

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