Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The scratch of graphite on paper

Colored pencils
  When I was a little boy my mother would give me a pencil and some paper to keep my busy (or busier than I already was), crayons were in short supply during WWII.  Pencils, or crayons if you're French) have been around for centuries.  Remember the storekeeper in a western movie, touch the pencil to the tongue than write on the bill?  When you started school and were learning to write, you used a pencil.  Pencils come in handy, for example it you're trying to stop a table from the wobbles you could put a part of a pencil under one leg.  Or you could draw, or doodle, with a pencil for fun.  Next time you're in the area of an office supply store, like Staples or Office Depot, look in the pencil section for just a part of what they offer, then check the drawing/drafting/art aisle and see even more.
  I use colored pencils that are for watercolors, it works just like one of those coloring books children have that they can brush water on to color a page.  They are very handy for adding lines, or I'll show you a complete piece done with pencils.
  Buy some different kinds and try them out!
A set of pencils for art work, these are for drawing, not water.
This "painting" was done in pencils for watercolor, by me last year.
A 1929 Ford Tudor
Click to enlarge.  More pencil art, letters of the alphabet a carved in the tips
of the lead in each pencil.  Don't say "darn, my pencil broke" with these.

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