Sunday, June 12, 2011

Eating is for the birds...

Birds in the hand, the feeder is hidden (it's red). least that's what I say,
feeding birds is fun, every single day,
why not give it a try, there's not to much to lose;
maybe just a dish, and half a dozen screws.

Or, you could but a new one, fill and hand it up,
remember - it should be big enough to hold a half a cup;
then sit back and watch the birds that come and go;
because when you're feeding birds, you're getting quite a show!
Be an angel feed the birds
An "apple" a day!
Here's a beak that holds more than a belly can.
Old Navy poster in the mess hall:
Eat all you take
don't be a Pelican
it's beak can hold more,
that it's belly can

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