Thursday, June 16, 2011

Organized scratches on paper

Who's that peeking at us.
  Organized scratching with a pencil yields some amazing results.  The photo above really looks like some peeking through a piece of paper.  A good artist can draw a very realistic pictures, they look like photographs.  I am not one of them, my drawing skills are lacking.
  We know a man that used to live near us in Medford who could draw like this, he used the cheapest ballpoint pen he could find, his drawing of people and places were very, very good.
  I thought I'd just point out some of the fine work a pencil in the right hand can do.  Enjoy.
Photo, or not?  It's not!

An eagle takes a look at you.

No mistakes here either.
NOTICE: Tune in tomorrow for an important announcement.

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