Saturday, June 11, 2011

Home is for the birds

Simple but nice
  Birds don't really need a "home" but they do like a place to nest.  Sure, most bird nest in trees, some on the ground, and a few on "floating islands".  But, some birds like to build their nest in houses (just for them) group homes (purple martins) in barns (swallows) or in little bird houses furnished by humans.  We still have a couple of bird houses that I've painted, but, those aren't meant to be outdoors their just decorative.
  Houses of birds for bird actual use are usually wooden, other stuff works too, the holes have a diameter that will be specific for a species (maybe more than one).  A house for a bluebird is about two inches, but other birds like small holes - you just have to look it up, or already know.  Houses for purple martins are built in groups (kind of condos) because they're very social, some are very large.

Some may like a rustic home

A single home (holes too big)
Purple Martins might like a "Victorian" home.

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