Saturday, June 4, 2011

Selling the products, the local way

Part of the Farmers Market in Portlands' Deering Oaks Park
  In a lot of Maine towns and cities the Farmers Market is a weekly event, maybe one day a week, often three or four days a week.  The markets, open to Maine grown or raised products, are a great source of food for a lot of us.  We go to the markets or farm stands often, during the warmer months when fresh veggies are available.  The farmers sell, veggies, meat, cheese, fruit, flowers and items that have been preserved like jams and jellies.  Often someone is there to sell fresh baked goods too.  Many farmers take food stamps too.
  Another way farmers sell locally is "Community Supported Gardens"; a person can pay in the spring for goods to be grown during the season.  If a full share is $200, you may be able to buy a half share.  When the crops are harvested you go and pick up your share of each of them.  It helps the farmer to buy supplies, and it "pays" the share holder with good, fresh food. 
  Many of the farms are organic but there are 'regular' farmers too (who use chemical fertilizers and insecticides) it's your choice.
Fresh veggies. Don't they look good?
Flowers are popular items.  This is a farm stand
Celebration at the Bath Farmers Market

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